Depression Signs and Symptoms

Hello there, and welcome back to my website Slay Your Depression. Today I’m going to be going over the signs and symptoms of depression.

Whether you are a person suffering with depression or someone who knows someone goes through depression, this will be informative and hopefully helping; at least try to understand.

Depression Signs and Symptoms


So in this part of the post, I will talk about the common symptoms of depression and how it affects people suffering with depression. For those people who are trying to understand someone suffering with depression this will give you some insight how a person might feel or act.

Trouble Concentrating, Remembering Details, Fatigue, and Making Decisions- As a person who does suffer from depression myself- the fatigue was the real killer for me. There would be days when I would feel like I wouldn’t even want to get out bed, but I would force myself get out of bed, becauseTrouble Concetrating well- got to work and pay my bills. When I was at work, my concentration, remembering details and making decisions was terrible; being a hospitality professional this is imperative. For those educating themselves, be patient with the person.

Feeling Guilt, Worthlessness, Helplessness- Most of the time it’s the depression manifesting, however I felt each one of these- especially the helplessness, I felt like nothing could help me not even my friends or family. Then that trickles down in to feeling worthlessness, feeling like you not worth anything to this world. One thing to remember for the suffers is that YOU ARE WORTH IT! You might feel like you not worth anything but you are! For those educating themselves, remember to tell that person that they are valued as it will give them validation that everything will be okay.

Pessimism and Hopelessness- As said in my last post, I was told by co-workers and friends that I was very negative. I would complain essentially about everything, at the time I was working at a very new fancy restaurant downtown Toronto and I had my hospitality mentor now, manager back in the day sit me down and tell me that I needed to correct this behaviour as other co-workers were saying that they did not enjoy working with me because I was so pessimistic.

I felt so bad, because I realized that I’m ruining the environment, someones business, felt some mad guilt. Got to say when my mentor made me see the light, one emotion I particularly felt was
hopelessness.Pessmissim For example that situation, I felt hopeless that I wouldn’t change, and hopeless that I wouldn’t win back the trust of my team. Try to see the light and be conscious of your actions. For those educating themselves, I suggest sitting the person down going through a list of what a person might be doing but not entirely aware of it; an epiphany moment.

More Symptoms, Can you believe?

Insomnia, Early Wakefulness or Sleeping Too Much- I still have problems with this one. However, being so numb somedays you either just want to stay awake, almost like feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day, or just want to sleep and hope whatever you’re feeling just goes away. When I was a bit younger, all I wanted to do was sleep, I would spend days in bed at a time, not even eating. Depression is one of those mental illnesses that just puts you in such a dark place hence sleep.

Irritability- Of course we have things that irritate us throughout our days, however someone who is suffering with depression, it can come off as Irritabilityaggressive. I still have things myself that depress me, and there can be days when I get irritated more than easily, but with me working on my personal development and being conscious of it, I’m working towards being more positive in my life. Those educating themselves on depression, it’s another matter of being patient with that person, somedays we feel like we are mad at that world or ourselves, but it does pass. Give them space as well.

Restlessness- I firmly believe restlessness corresponds with the insomnia and sleeping too much. When awake you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day and that no matter what you do, you can’t seem to relax, because the thoughts are racing, and when the thoughts are racing it definitely contributes to the insomnia. It’s felt at the physical level as well. It’s exhausting but implement positive changes in your life, like organizing your time and dealing with issue that are affecting your emotional state. Those educating themselves, encourage positive changes for the person suffering, give resources on organizing.

Lost of interest in things that were pleasurable- Over the years I have noticed that I lost a lot of interest in things that were once enjoyable to me. Lost in Interest in things that were once pleasureableEven though you might think you lost them, everything that is lost is meant to be found. Even if you lost interest in certain things, definitely try new things, you should want to have interests in your life that brings happiness to yourself. It lowers the feels of the depression.

Crazy how many symptoms manifest!?

Overeating/ or appetite loss- Oh this one is hitting me in the feels right now. For most of my life I’ve always had a rotten relationship with food. Because of the adversities I faced in my life I often ate my feelings. Something I still struggle with to this day. However, I’m conscious of my problem with food and my emotions. You have to become aware of it on your own time, another epiphany moment. There were days when I didn’t want to eat at all however I’m definitely a struggler with overeating more with this symptom.

Digestive/GI Tract Problems- Another symptom I think corresponds with Overeating or Appetite Loss. Because of my overeating symptom, I don’t have the best of gut health. With us people who suffer from depression, we eat too DIgestion/GI Tractmuch or eat too little and that sends our bodies into haywire. My suggestion is try to get your vitamins and minerals, drink lots of water, and get probiotics to help with the good bacteria. Diet is a huge contribute to slaying your depression.

Suicidal Thoughts or Attempts- Back in 2014, when my depression was at it’s peak. I often thought about killing myself or jumping off the High Level Bridge in Edmonton, Alberta where I was living at the time. I was also in a very difficult situation as well. I was un-diagnosed sick with a nuerological condition- where I was constant sick or fatigued, had issues with roommates- difficulty finding a place to live, and also some pretty bad substance abuse as well. With all these things it was no wonder I had these thoughts, my work at the time sought out counsel for me, I went to my doctor, and all I wanted to do was sleep or kill myself. I put my own mother and friends through hell!

My suggestion is try to be conscious of these thoughts or attempts, because the moment that you succeed you are hurting the friends and family within your life.


Depression Signs

There are certain signs that you can tell when a person is depressed. Every watch a cheesy RomCom and the dude walks away from the girl, and he’s sitting in his apartment or house on the couch with a coffee table full of garbage and watching TV. This was certainly one sign my friends and family had noticed that I was depressed because I was such a slob. When your personal appearance starts to fall, that should be a sign that something is going on mentally.

Persistent Sadness is another sign. One thing I always and I means always get asked, even to this day is “Are you okay?” because I always had this sad look to my face, of course I was sad but I would hide it from the people that love me. Because I couldn’t stand the idea of burdening other people.

Isolation is another sign you should look at for yourself or the person you’re trying to understand. With me working in hospitality working with people can be certainly exhausting, so retreating is not a bad thing. It’s when you don’t socialize with people, don’t answer your phone, any communications ceased and just stay where your put. For people educating themselves, if you notice a certain person isn’t much in your life. You should check on them or attempt to get them out of their home.

Anxiety is another common sign that someone is depressed. Low self-worth can lead to anxiety. People suffering worry about their personal and professional future. They may feel certain that they are likely to fail at both. Feelings of anxiety may be absent in severely depressed individuals who give up altogether. They might be unable to dwell upon the consequences of their choices. I firmly believe that depression also corresponds with anxiety.

Reckless Behaviour is another sign someone is depressed. Risky behaviour in people who are usually cautious can occur. Finances might be affected by impulsive spending and investments. Dangerous adventure trips, indiscreet sexual activity, and substance abuse are possible. Loved one’s might fear for the person’s safety.

Talking about the risks will likely be ineffective, and the person might get angry. Even though talking about their reckless behaviour is ineffective, this is another epiphany moment, they have to realize that they are reckless.


Depression Signs and Symptoms 2

Of course depression manifests differently in everybody however I hope this gives someone insight what a depressed person might be going through. Thank you for listening to my story.

To those educating themselves I hope this gives you some insight what a person might be going through. To those that are depressed, remember you’re loved and becoming conscious of your disease will help you towards dealing with your depression.

Yours Truly,



Medical Disclaimer- This Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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