Depression Among LGBTQ

Hello welcome back to Slay Your Depression, my name is Nathan and I’m going to be covering the topic of Depression Among LGBTQ. Depression is one of those mental illnesses that’s popping up not only with LGBTQ Adults but also Youth as well.

Being a CIS gay man myself I’ve definitely encountered the adversities of societies bigotry for being LGBTQ. I grew up in Northern Alberta, Canada- If I was to put Alberta into an analogy, it’s the Texas of Canada- Redneck, Suppressed, and good beef haha. So I think you have a basic idea what I was encountering when I was living there. High School was a nightmare, I was called gay, faggot, pretty much every worse word in the book for being LGBTQ, ironically enough I wasn’t even out of the closet at the time, because I wasn’t accepting of myself and I didn’t want to let my haters have the last laugh.

I even encountered prejudice and bigotry as an adult after I came out as well. I think you can take the assumption what builds up to having depression and being LGBTQ growing up.

Depression Among LGBTQ

What can Contribute to Depression Among LGBTQ?

Rejection Contributes to Depression Among LGBTQ

Rejection from Family and Friends can contribute to depression among LGBTQ. When family rejects a LGBTQ’s sexuality, it’s been highly reported that LGBTQ are more likely to become depressed, use drugs and alcohol, perform unprotected sex and suicide attempts. There are many variables why a LGBTQ might get rejected. I have nothing against religions, and I respect all beliefs, from an observer’s perspective, Religion is an example, most religions condemn homosexuality.

If you know someone who is coming out to you, support them, love them, cry with them; because this is the make or break, this is where the individual will choose to keep you in their lives or not, because LGBTQ have no tolerance for people who aren’t going to accept them for who they are, I cut those people out of my life right away.

I was so grateful to have my own mother accept me for who I was, she said to me “Nathan I don’t care if you’re gay, you’re my son I love you regardless who and what you are”, my father took a bit more time but he eventually pulled through, I guess the idea of having a gay son frightened him and being from an Old World Country it made sense why he wasn’t accepting at first.

Rejection contributes to depression among lgbtq

Hatred/Bigotry Contribute to Depression Among LGBTQ

There have been studies that a LGBTQ was likely to suffer from Depression when faced with stigma and discrimination. Remember what I mentioned above in my intro, I was called all the derogatory names for being a LGBTQ in High School, I was lucky enough not to encounter physical altercations being a structured man however, this is what it basically translates into. Experiencing Hate Crimes, like Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Death Threats, being treated like a second class citizen.

I can definitely say being treated like this, can definitely put a LGBTQ in a dark place. When you have the world attacking you for being who you are, I would be depressed too and I did experience depression because I was different. Basically this point speaks for itself, DON’T BE AN (INSERT WORD HERE), be kind, show compassion and be empathetic. Education is important to counteracting the hate and bigotry.

Hatred contributes to depression among lgbt

Abusive Relationships Contribute to Depression Among LGBTQ

I think this is something that anyone can encounter in their lifetime. I personally haven’t been in an abusive relationship myself, however I have had friends I met along the way in the LGBTQ community that were- in such horrible positions.

I used to hear of stories what their partner would say or do to them- beat them, emotionally put them down, spit on them. Every time I hear things like this one movie I compare it to is Sleeping With The Enemy with Julia Roberts. Making them feel so worthless that they stay with that partner, emotionally or physically hurting them because they did something that made their partner angry, and/or trying to escape from that person and not succeeding.

Feeling stuck essentially. Its pretty obvious why it could contribute to someone’s depression that’s part of the LGBTQ community or any community for that matter.

Abusive Relationships Contribute to Depression Among LGBTQ

Substance/Alcohol Abuse Contributes to Depression Among LGBTQ

I believe this is one of the biggest problems we as LGBTQ people encounter a lot of the time. I have other LGBTQ friends who are dealing with their substance abuse and alcoholism. Not sure if it’s a cultural thing or happens because we go through many adversities.

I have a friend who is going through rehabilitation and suffers from a neurological disorder as well, he was telling me that with being a recovering addict and being sufferer of a certain disease that it’s been extremely difficult to cope. Can’t say I don’t blame him, I’m a recovering narcotic and cocaine addict myself and suffer with a neurological condition as well. Some days I just want to call up somebody and get a couple grams and snort a big dirty rail, but in the end, I think to myself “Is it really worth it to waste 2 years of sobriety?”. Of course, I don’t do it, because I want to see better for myself, I don’t want to be letting down the people in my life.

The first step for this particular subject understanding that you have a problem, after that it’s up to you if you want to kick the “habit” or not.

Substance/Alcohol Abuse Contributes to Depression Among LGBTQ


There can be many other contributors to Depression Among LGBTQ but these are some things that put me in a very depressing state throughout my early adulthood and being a LGBTQ man myself.

Learn to recognize the problems within your life, talk to someone you can trust and them being unbiased, and look for ways to get yourself back to where you were. Always remember that you’re loved, you matter and if you’re suffering, it’s never too late to seek out help for yourself. Thanks for listening to my story and hopefully gives some perspective.

Depression Among LGBTQ

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  1. Depression is something that can really become so hard to get over. I really never want to ever get to that state. I actually have someone going depression and will try to apply this. Thanks for the tips.

    1. It’s something that affects all of us. Depression is one of the mental illnesses that’s so subjective. But giving insight and educating people on the subject is going to be the push to break the stigma. I hope it helps! Cheers!


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