Alternative Depression Treatments That Work!

Hello there. Welcome back to my website “Slay Your Depression”. My name is Nathan. Today I’m going to be talking about alternative depression treatments that could potentially aid you in Slaying Your Depression.

As most of us know or could agree. Everyday life is affecting our mental state. We are not dealing with our mental illnesses effectively. I want to share some alternative depression treatments that aided me in slaying my own depression and developing more healthy coping mechanisms.

I want to help you slay yours; because everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilled life. This is 2019 and we need to break the stigma behind mental illness; start dealing with our mental health. The body can’t live without the mind, and when the mind is sick, the body gets sick- mental health is just as important as physical health. Let’s get the Cortisol stress levels down and get ourselves grounded!

Alternative Depression Treatments

Get Out Into Nature, Get Grounded!

One of those remedies that doesn’t cost a single cent. Simply just getting outside, going for walk in a park with trees to see, smell of grass, feeling the sunlight hit you skin, it’s all about building that connection with nature. What do you hear? What do you feel? What do you see? What do you smell? Essentially giving your senses a taste of nature haha- figuratively speaking. When I was slaying my own depression, connecting with nature is just one of those things that I found helped.

When I was living in Alberta, Canada my favourite was going to the mountains, and getting myself grounded back onto this beautiful place we call Earth. Like seeing the force of Athabasca Falls, feeling the mist hit you face; Such Power! Smelling of trees, flowers and vegetation in season. Seeing Wildlife! One of my favorite Alternative Depression Treatments to do still to this day, give me a Spotify playlist of great music and get lost in nature, experience- feel!

Since moving to Toronto 3 years ago, I don’t get to enjoy the mountains as much, however you just got to find what’s around you, and utilize that. I love hitting up the beaches and going on adventures outside the city as an example. If you don’t have such a luxury, start with parks and beaches, simply just being outside! You got this! I believe in you!

Get out into nature, get grounded


De-Cluttering and Organizing Your Surroundings

It wasn’t up until recent that I realized that your surroundings could have effect your mental health. I myself live in a 2 bedroom with a wonderful roommate in downtown Toronto, so definitely not a lot of space, and privacy however; it’s somewhere to lay my head and be grateful I have something over my head. What I couldn’t believe is how much stuff that wasn’t serving a purpose to me anymore, I was still keeping! It was mind boggling for me, it was no wonder I was feeling some emotions with our apartment because of the clutter.

When I de-cluttered and organized my own room, I felt a bit disappointed in myself because I was finding important documents and papers everywhere, I held onto things that no longer served a purpose, and clothes that no longer fit me, were not acceptable to wear because of my age or because they were frayed.

Despite feeling that disappointment, when I reached the end goal of organizing and de-cluttering my room, that feel of relief and negative emotionals feeling like they just disappeared. Just feeling good about doing something to your every day environment, raises you mood. Its hard work, but it’s one of the greatest alternative depression treatment I would recommend to ANYONE! Hands Down! Thank what served you a purpose at some point of you life and carry on!

I would with upmost recommend doing this to you surroundings.
Cut the excess!

Decluttering and Organzing Your Surrounding

Personal Development, Work On Yourself!

One thing I found that kept me in such a slump of depression, was not working on myself. Sending out to the universe that things would magically happen. Let’s face it– nobody got anywhere without putting in hard work. Depending on your hopes and dreams isn’t enough alone. There has to be work done on yourself to reach you dreams and aspirations.

When I got out on my own, I think most of us can agree it was never easy to learn to be an adult. Finding a career path we want to take and pursue, going to school, or learning to just be an adult like Laundry and Dishes, because we don’t have the comfort of our parents anymore, we got to expand and learn to take care of ourselves now. I’ve always strongly believed that educating ourselves for whatever the subject matter is fundamental, but learning how to apply it to your life is just as crucial. You can be book smart but you got to be life smart as well which means working on taking action as well. A big helper in getting my life more in order.

For a good portion of my life, I can honestly say- I felt stuck. Felt like I was wandering this world aimlessly and not sure of my future. I was also facing some huge adversities such a drug addiction, alcohol abuse, financial issues, and relationship issues. It wasn’t till I moved to Toronto– took a leap of faith to better myself, I realized that I needed to work on myself big time! Essentially it was my wake up call to do more for myself to keep learning about my field, my craft, and myself. Now here I am, writing this to you– Sharing my story! So always remember to work on yourself, you can work hard in any aspect of you life, but the main thing to remember is always work on yourself, to quote Severus Snape from Harry Potter “Always”

Personal Developement, Work On Yourself

Meditation, Uhhmmmmmm! Namaste!

Uhhhmmmmmm! Yes you heard correctly, Meditation has been known to help aid people who suffer with depression! The point of meditating is to focus on your breathing and purging the bad thoughts that stress us out. Also, to connect with ourselves and become conscious of our thoughts and learning to manage them.

One simple exercise I do, is simply sitting there, letting go the tension within you body–essentially going limp, deep breathing and focusing on breathing in and out. Simply doing so for 20-40 minutes is so beneficial and so damn refreshing. Every time I mediate, I finish with a smile on face. Because the worrisome thoughts are just a little less painful. So I encourage anyone to try meditation as an alternative depression treatment. You’ll definitely see a difference in you mood and overall feeling.

I think it’s safe to say that this technique for depression treatment has been used for years to purge certain feeling, thought and become more aware of ourselves– like Buddhist monks. There is nothing wrong with showing weakness and understanding you own weaknesses within ourselves. Give it a try! You’ll never know what you might find about yourself just by meditating. Namste!



I hope these Alternative Depression Treatments, will give you aid in Slaying Your Depression! They’ve certainly worked for me and I want them to work for you as well! Time to be happy and fulfilled– because life is too short to not experience the best things in life. Slay Your Depression, Slay!

Thank you again for listening! As always, remember that you are loved, you matter and it’s never too late to seek the help out for yourself, and live the life you deserve! Feel free to comment or contact me directly!

Alternative Depression Treatments2

Yours Truly and Best Wishes,


Medical Disclaimer- This Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of you physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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