4-5 Reasons Why Millennials Are Depressed

Hi there, and welcome back to my website “Slaying Your Depression”. My name is Nathan, today I’m going to be going over reasons why millennials are depressed. Hopefully this will give some insight to people trying to get a perception why Millennials are depressed. Being a millennial myself I can definitely say the struggle has been real absolutely. I can see why many millennials end up with depression and seeking help, we are literally a generation screaming out for help, but no one is listening, like the boy who cried wolf. It is my mission to send light in this dark world, to educate who are willing to seek out the truth, be a role model for all people who are accepting their depression and make them realize that its not just them who is dealing with this battle.


Of course I would top this one on top of my list. Being a millennial we are broke, the cost of living has increased significantly, while the wages hasn’t seen the same inflation. Cost of food has gone up, being from Toronto, rent is absolutely out of this world high, we have student/ unsecured debt. Us as a generation we are doing everything we can to just try to survive especially for us that had to work for everything in their lives. We are working even harder to earn a dollar; having a main hustle and a side hustle. We are exhausted, frustrated, mad, sad, anxious- Can you see why money would be a contributor to depression among millennials?

Ever since my early 20’s I have felt depression because I felt like I’m falling behind for my future, I know for a fact ill be taking care of my mom when she becomes an elder, not having money to put away for a rainy day/ emergency funds. These things stress a person out and it creates a vicious circle that will eventually damage our spirits and put us in the dark place aka depression. I have felt these emotions and feelings for a long time because of money. The one thing I will say, is that we are persistent and we won’t stop fighting for what we deserve in our lives. To the millennials, never give up on your dreams, and to hustle hard to get those dreams and aspirations. To the other generations, I thank you for trying to understand what can stress and depress a millennial, lets keep going and ill explain more.


Events Around The World

With the political and economic climate around the world so volatile, this is definitely a reason why I feel depression myself. Yesterday an attack happened on a Mosque in New Zealand- 49 killed. Makes me wonder what is to become of this world? why is there a rise in nationalism? Why is there so much hatred and racism? Extremism? Its hearing stories that covered on subjects like mass shootings- killing of innocents that makes me lose faith in humanity. If its not nationalists that are terrorizing immigrants and people of colour, its other extremists that are terrorizing the rest of the us. It sounds like a war that can’t be beaten, because of ignorance and difference of perception.

Events around the world

Climate Change is another one of those ongoing events around the world that could contribute to a millennials depression. Our world is falling apart, animals are going extinct, the polar ice caps are melting with the earth heating up more, there is a ridiculous amount of pollution on land, in our oceans and water. Yet majority of this world is in denial, or has yet to make a difference. There was a march of children and adults that walked out of there work and schooling today to make a point that we have to start caring about the environment and actually give a crap about climate change.

Government and Government Officials- yet another thing around the world that could affect a millennials emotional well-being. Ever since my province here in Canada has voted in a conservative government. The amount of protesting I have seen because of a program being cut, altered, or giving no-viable options has increased. With what is happening down in the United States, the political divide; is starting to trickle here into Canada as well. Not Canada alone, but across the world. I don’t mean to get political or intend to change your ideology, I’m just trying to give a perception what could contribute to depression to a millennial. These are real things that we stress about, including myself.

Events around the world government

I think this subject can be felt across all generations not just millennials alone; WAR! For many centuries, we as the human race have been in constant wars since the beginning of time. There was always a reason for our species to be at each others throats. Power, Difference in beliefs, a misunderstanding, or because of extremism like genocide of the Jewish faith as an example (Hitler’s Germany). I’ve seen many wars being fought from every level on this planet, on the playground, in the halls of high school, in the work environment, on the streets. We are destructive sentient lifeforms in this universe. Which is hard to watch, spread the love not hatred. Seeing this all this constant fighting has contributed to my own depression as a millennial, because as much as I want to help people, there are people on this earth who is doing the complete opposite. I firmly believe that war and government correspond with each other, it is after all their choices that have an impact on events in this world, right?

Events around the world war

Obtaining Experience/Job In Chosen Career Path

I feel like this is the most frustrating thing a millennial will go through. I can name the countless times trying to get experience for my hospitality background, but I lacked the qualifications needs to obtain a job. Being from Alberta with essentially only chain restaurants and not having any experience in Toronto restaurants didn’t help either. We are put into this vicious circle of trying to get experience to get a better job and being denied many times because the older generation refuses to retire to make room for fresh new talent or because the standard is raised even higher than 10 years ago.

On top of that, not only is it hard to gain experience, but our pay suffers too, making us feel worth less than what we worked our asses off for. I almost think of it as modern slavery. If I was going to give anyone any piece of advice, is remained persistent and keep aiming for the stars and follow your dreams. Just because something doesn’t come right away to you doesn’t mean it won’t in the future. Be patient and things will fall into place. You will get that job, you will gain experience and knowledge regardless where you are at in life or in your career. Keep your chin up millenials if you are one!

Obtaining exp/job in career field

Post Secondary Education

University and College is just one of things that stresses any individual out, but for millenials if been pretty rough for us. Cost of schooling has increased, getting a job or 2 jobs just to feed yourself and pay your bills, eating unhealthy because your poor, substance and alcohol use, sexual assault, and staying up late to cram or study for that big exam.

Just describing those alone brings back memories for me and I can honestly say, fearing of the unknown definitely made me depressed, there would be days I wouldn’t even want to get out of bed to go to one of my classes because the stress of school literally got to me, I was also taking a nursing program which quite a lot of pressure as well. Got to know your stuff. Which eventually lead me to quitting my program, and on top of that I was emotionally compromised because of me being very sensitive and empathetic.

Any person that is going through school, please remember that there is an end goal, and it won’t last for long, if you’re not in your freshman year. Dropping out is never the answer, finish what you started. Even if you have the darkest of days! You Matter!

Post Secondary Education


Being a millennial sucks, but being a depressed millennial sucks even more. I hope this gives you some insight what could be depressing a millennial you may know. I want to thank you for reading my content and I will finish by saying! You Matter, You are loved and its never too late to seek out help out for yourself. I also wanted to add, another reason why millennials are potentially depressed is because the home market is extremely hot making it next to impossible to attain a home, especially in the bigger cities like Toronto or Vancouver. Its like you have to sell your kidney and legs to get a permanent home nowadays! Anyways finishing up! Take care and another content release soon in the future!

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